Here’s the text of a letter to an editor I just sent:

Let’s face it, folks, we are up the creek without the proverbial paddle. I just got the news here in Beaverton about how awful the budget is for my daughter’s elementary school. My husband almost got laid off.

And senators are arguing about political theories? Come on! Obama’s bill is a very, very, good way to get us back on track.

Let’s look at what it does:

* Creates or saves 3 million to 4 million jobs in the next two years.

* Averts “literally hundreds of thousands of teacher layoffs”—and doubles funding for the Department of Education.

* Creates hundreds of thousands of green jobs and doubles our clean energy production.

* Immediately gives unemployed folks access to affordable health care coverage.

Senators, please stop and think about how important this vote is. We MUST take drastic action. If it doesn’t pass, unemployment may go past 11% by 2010.

Please, think about working people with children in school. We all need help. Pass Obama’s bill and give us the help we need.

Call your senators, urge them NOW to pass that bill. Leaving a message only takes a few minutes from your day.