Ever feel like a tightrope walker in a video game, having to keep your balance while dodging low-flying airplanes and sudden gusts of wind?

Yeah, April was like that for me.

I have yet to figure out in a consistent way the perfect ratio of social commitments to personal time to family time that works best for me.

I can’t just stay home, it drives myself and my children crazy, but I can’t have constant playdates either. I come home all frazzled.

I wonder if there’s a magic equation somewhere that can explain it all. Unfortunately I’m convinced that such an equation, taking into account my own personality, the kind of friendships I have, the relative amounts of demand placed on me by volunteering and my part time job, as well as the needs of my children, husband, and mother, would be so complicated that it would cover a double-sided blackboard.

Luckily, a two week work hiatus provided me enough breathing room to get the emotional space I needed to start writing novel 3 and querying novel 2.

It feels nice to be back in writerly space.