Naoto and I got a night out the other day as our girls were at a slumber party.

We went to Sherwood’s Thai Restaurant, Sawatdee (which name Naoto then spent ten minutes saying over and over, I think it means hello). We also G.I. Joe (the movie.)

It was a fateful evening.

I encountered two newish (to me) enjoyable things.

Panang Curry and Lee, Byung Hun . (better known as Storm Shadow in the G.I. Joe Movie)

Sawatdee’s Panang curry is a fabulous, spicy, creamy meat curry that simultaneously fires up and smooths the tongue. I’ve had Thai curries before, but this one was exemplary (not too greasy, not too spicy).

Lee Byung Hun’s character, Storm Shadow, is a fabulous, spicy, cream…er….um…okay, not creamy or spicy. However, he definitely was fabulous.

One thing that many male actors I’ve seen from Korea and Japan can do well is a suffering brood. However, Lee not only can brood so much that the silly scene he’s supposed to be remembering (a scene from 20 years ago Tokyo where the characters speak Korean and wear weird monkish clothing, and don’t get me started on how much I HATE that stupid trope where the Westerner is better than/appreciates more the martial art culture than the native of that country) actually makes emotional sense, but his English was great!

He also looks nice with his shirt off 🙂 But sorry, I couldn’t find a link to that.