Naoto and I overlap on: martial arts flicks and action/hero flicks like Batman.

That’s pretty much it. Other movies we watch together we are merely tolerating the movie for the sake of our relationship.

And there are like NO tv shows we both like (I’ll watch nature documentaries and funniest home videos, but it’s more for companionship).

However, Naoto started watching Glee with me the other day and actually stayed with me on the couch for the ENTIRE EPISODE.

You could have knocked me over with a dandelion. I would never have made that call in a million years. I mean…it’s so geeky.

But I’ve been thinking about why he might have a little interest in it and I think i’ve figured it out.


Yep, that’s my answer, a Japanese movie about a group of geeks who really want to perform and follow their dream and have a likeable but often bumbling coach….

Sound familiar?

And besides the once-a-show song and dance number, what I think might be familiar to Naoto about Glee is a particular brand of self-conscious, unabashed geekery about how the characters act. This conscious acceptance of their roles as geek in societies is reminiscent to me of how youth society is sometimes portrayed, where everyone knows their place.

Of course, now that I’ve blogged about him liking Glee, he’s probably going to email me something like “I only watched it for you”, but it was fun thinking about it anyway.

And if you ever get a chance to see “Waterboys”, it’s a great film. Even I enjoyed it 🙂