I think it must be all the life issues in my family right now catching up with me, but I’ve seriously got the jonesin’ for some HOKINESS with a capital “H”.

And so my crushes this week seem to be:

Michael Crawford (the king of overemotional singing) singing Andrew LLoyd Webber (the king of overmotional musical-writing)’s “Tell Me on a Sunday Please.”

And, Rupert Penry-Jones (oh my god, can you BE any more British sounding than that name?) in his roles as Captain Wentworth in BBC’s Persuasion and Richard Hanney in BBC’s recent The 39 Steps remake wherein he plays a reserved, upstanding, unflappable English gentleman.

Yikes, somebody quick give me a shot of Sweet Honey in the Rock or Hal Duncan to combat the patheticness of it all………..