So many of the people who end up reading this journal probably know already that my family has been going through some financial crunch-age for the past 5 or 6 months.

During this time we had to drastically cut back on our financial lifestyle.

This has been a really, really good experience in some ways. There are definite ways I spend my money now that I intend to try to maintain if/when times get better.

And there are things we are not spending money on now that will definitely go back into the budget when things change.

It’s so ironic to me that while I know intellectually good spending habits, it takes circumstances forcing me to really make me change and reevaluate the importance of things in my life.

What’s up with that? Why can’t I *know* things and have that translate to actions? What’s the disconnect there?

Anyway, here some of the things I intend to keep doing:

1) not pay for a security system

2) keep an eye on the “buy one get one free” ads at Rite Aid and buy alot of something that we use alot when it goes on sale

3) Use more coupons

4) Use my Mukka stovetop latte maker almost exclusively rather than go to starbucks or dutch brother’s coffee while at the same time drink more tea

5) cook with more vegetables, it’s cheaper

6) buy what’s on sale at the supermarket and then make dinner plans instead of the other way around

7) buy less books

8) stop buying every little toy or notebook or diary that catches my daughters’ fancies, and really make them work for their treats (we’re on the “star” system where they must “earn” stars if they want something by having good behavior (no whining) for a full day that include one instance of helping at housework)

9) buy wine less often and only if it is 7$ or less. Drink only one glass instead of 2 at night when I do drink wine.

Some things that will probably go back on the budget:

1) college savings for the daughters

2) slightly more expensive wine

3) buying good bread at New Seasons or other bakeries more often

4) all the lessons and girl scouts and japanese school and art classes my little daughters can stand

5) retirement savings for us

6) tickets for Japan savings

7) go out to eat at places where we don’t already have a coupon