I have a list of things I wish somebody had warned me about before I married internationally, but of course, Naoto never came with a user’s guide or FAQ.

And it’s not his fault really.

Item #66

Things Nobody Warned Me About Before I Married a Tokyo Boy

His friends and family would require EXTREMELY expensive postage for Holiday Cards.

Yes, I know, palm to forehead d’uh. It’s not that I didn’t realize friends and family lived in Tokyo (and to be fair, some of the international cards are to MY friends), it’s just that you don’t realize you’ll be paying about 15 dollars more in postage a year for Holiday Cards than your average person.

So let’s see….15 dollars a year for 12 years….that’s $185 in the time we’ve been married.

So does that mean he costs me $185 or I’ve cost him 15,521 Yen?