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I wasn’t sure what to expect with this modern retelling of Jane Eyre….but wow. The author nailed it. All the little bits of Jane Eyre, each milestone is here in this retelling where Rochester is a rockstar (preserve the class difference) named Nico Rathburn.

Jane is a nanny because her parents were killed in a car crash and her much much older siblings don’t like or appreciate her.

Her plain-jane status and general non-knowledge of pop culture works in her favor when a famous rockstar on the comeback path is looking for a nanny for his little girl from a prior marriage. (the prior marriage is faithful to the original, in this one she’s a french singer)

Jane soon finds herself at home at Thornfield Manor, bonding with her charge, walking the surrounding countryside with her watercolors, and generally feeling like a capable person again.

Except…sometimes there’s the weird cackling laughter from the forbidden third floor.

When Rathburn comes back to prepare for a tour with his old band, he draws Jane out of her shell and both find a kind of soul mate in the other. But their love might be derailed by whatever lurks on the third floor…

If you’re a Jane Eyre fan already, open this book with the secure knowledge that the author has transposed every drop of melodramatic goodness from the original. Wait to you see how the book deals with the “house party” and the woman Rochester uses to make Jane jealous, not to mention the St. Clairs and their “mission.”

If you’ve never read Jane Eyre or are in middle school/high school, you might give this one a try before heading over to the original or if you never thought you’d be a Bronte fan at all. This book will change your mind!

This Book’s Food Designation Rating: Biting into a chocolate, chocolate chip cookie made with potato chips for an extra added crunch to an already luscious story.