Most people who read this journalscape probably already know that my husband has been in Rochester, MN since last April.

Well, our house in Beaverton finally sold. We’ll be moving out of the house in March, and then to Rochester by June at the latest.

How to describe my feelings upon leaving Portland? There is too much. Let me sum up.



Columbia River Gorge

Portland Other Women

Survival Stout

Dark chocolate cacao nibs and chilies

Naked Pinot Noir

A thousand classes for kids from Circus Trapeze to Intergalactic Food from Star Wars Cooking Classes

Portland Japanese School

Powell’s Books

Dutch Mafia

Bagpipe Sunday

Dragon Boats

Sustainable Sweet Potato Fries

Haystack Rock

The sporadic and jolting sight of Mt Hood over the trees on Sw 5th Avenue as you turn towards the Beaverton Library

And finally, last but not least, all my gaijin wives (official and honorary) peeps with all the biracial/bicultural kids available for my girls to bond and commiserate with and who provided the most amazing support network I have ever experienced in my life.

I have no words to express my gratitude for being able to walk along life’s path with you all for a while.