After watching several semi-professional/up-and-coming professionals on writer’s community Codex go through self-publishing with Amazon Kindle, I think I’m going to also take the plunge.

I think I have come to terms with the fact that I’m a hobbyist writer, and thus this is probably the best middle path for me to go.

I’m going to start in the next few months grooming Japanese Medieval Historical Fiction novel, “Tiger Lily” for my first venture.

Tiger Lily is based on short stories previously published online:

“Another Tiger Woman”

SpaceWays Weekly (Reader’s Choice Award for March, 2000)

“Wilting Lily and Yurei”

Foxfire Magazine January, 2001

“Exposure at Dejima”

Healing Waves Anthology September, 2011

And it features the daughter of a daimyo’s cook who hears the kami sing, and the lordling Ashikaga Yoshinori who has a secret that makes him desperate to prove himself to his daimyo father.