Tiger Lily got emailed to E-Quality Press today to be formatted and given a last, once-over for obvious mistakes.

It looks like she’ll be all ready to go live on Amazon in May.


Here’s the latest, revamped (thanks Tina) version of the back-cover jacket blurb:

Lily isn’t supposed to hunt game in the Daimyo’s woods. As the cook’s daughter, it isn’t her place to talk to nobility. And she definitely isn’t supposed to sing the forbidden old, Jindo religion songs.

But Lily was born in the year of the Tiger, and can’t ever be like other village girls. She goes to the woods to snare rabbits one day and finds instead the Daimyo’s son, Ashikaga, dying in the gooseberry brush. When the Pretender Emperor’s men arrive to kill Ashikaga, Lily, desperate, sings one of her long-vanished mother’s forbidden songs.

The song wakes the powerful spirit – as well as Ashikaga’s interest. The prickly lord has hidden secrets of his own and a burning desire to prove himself to his father. He will stop at nothing to defeat his father’s greatest enemy.

All Lily wants to do is take care of her sisters. But the Pretender-Emperor’s forces are drawing near, and now the Daimyo’s son knows she communes with Jindo gods. She wants to trust Ashikaga when he swears he will not tell her secret. But Lily’s heart is leading her down a dangerous path. She may have to defy her father, Ashikaga, and even the spirits themselves in order to defeat the Pretender-Emperor’s magic.