I always thought I was bad at science.

No, really. With the advent of children, and the discovery of my, one, true love (Sting understands) in Bill Nye the Science Guy (who makes tall, thin, white nerd somehow awesomely cool) and the amazing Science is Real CD by They Might Be Giants, I have realized science is fun.

So, too, must the author of Radioactive: Marie and Pierre Curie, a tale of love and fallout have realized at some point (hopefully sooner than I did) how philosophical and political and awesome science can be.

This book takes eerie, elongated and outlined illustrations and snippets of true texts written by the Curies, interspersed with information about the effects (such as 3 Mile Island) their legacy has had on our world, and presents a completely intriguing picture of how radioactive elements entered the world and changed Marie’s life forever.

I completely recommend this for anyone (although perhaps it’s a bit dry for those younger than 14).

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