Overheard (my paraphrase) on The Secret Lair podcast:

“Micro-blogging gives me micro-thoughts” (referring to twitter)

The corollary for me as a writer is that when I began, I thought in terms of short stories. All my ideas were snapshots or episodes.

For some reason, once I started to write novels, my ideas and thoughts began to involve a depth and breadth that could no longer be satisfied in short story form. All my ideas, even if they are episodes, seem to have a latent potential for sequels…

I know I have trained myself to think this way in writing, so I wonder, now, if I have also trained myself to think in breadth/depth in other ways, too.

Instead of “this year”, I think I’m becoming more patient and able to think of activities or goals in terms of years.

Is that just a function of an older brain?