I just updated Tiger Lily’s Amazon page (from the author) with part of the playlist I listened to when writing the novel.

Here’s the whole thing.

I use music in two ways: one is a kind of Pavlovian “time to make the donuts” kind of response that helps me get writing even when I only have a few minutes or a ton of other stuff on my mind. Another reason I use music is because certain songs provoke a certain emotional response or “echo” of an emotion in me. If I can feel that when I’m writing I usually end up with more raw, tender scenes.

Here’s the text of what I put on the Amazon page:

When I write a novel I have a dedicated playlist for that novel. I listen to this playlist every time I sit down to create the first draft (and sometimes for editing, too). Some pieces of that playlist are just recent hits that have caught my ear.

But some of it, for one reason or another, either music or lyrics, speaks to the heart of one of the characters. Here are selections from the Tiger Lily playlist. They are all listed on Youtube and I do not own the copyright to any of them. Void where prohibited.

Listen and see if any of the music touches you.

Lily thinking of Ashikaga.

*Greg Laswell’s “Take Everything”

“Go on and take everything from me”

*Kate Rusby’s “Bitter Boy”

“There was a boy, a bitter boy, whose golden heart I saw gleaming;

I thought I’d win the heart within, but now I know that I was dreaming”

Ashikaga thinking of Lily:

*Dixie Chick’s “Easy Silence”

“I come to find the refuge in these the silence you make for me.”

*Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Games”

“I don’t wanna fall in love”

For the scenes where Ashikaga fights the fox spirits:

*Yoshida Brothers’ “Kodo”

Lily in the rice fields:

*Natsukawa Rimi’s cover of The Boom’s “Shimauta”

Lily’s lullaby for Ashikaga:

“Mori no Fukuro”/The owl of the forest

(Me singing this traditional song in Japanese) or the lovely instrumental version by Keiko Yamada

At the end of the novel:

*Yanawaraba’s “Our Flower will Bloom someday”