So in my day job, I sometimes have the opportunity to listen to hundreds of Korean and Japanese speakers of all genders and ages answer a question.

I’m not allowed to tell you the question, but today it had to do with beverages at a cafe.

And an overwhelming majority of the test respondents responded to this question: “Cafe Americano.”

Which is, as you may know, espresso with hot water added to it (American GI’s used to pour water into espresso to make it more “coffee-like” when they were in Europe during WWII).

And why does it crack me up? Because Every. Single. Japanese. Person. I’ve ever encountered in the early stages of a first trip to the States is flabbergasted and appalled at the weakness of what we North Americans call “coffee.”

Yep, we drink dirty dishwasher, but the most popular cafe beverage in Korean and Japan is “Cafe Americano.” Just one of life’s little ironies.