“Study broadly and without fear”

After an interesting conversation with my dad about the benefits of liberal arts education in both my life and my engineer brother’s, I come across the always pertinent and eloquent John Green who has a good answer to the question “how do I figure out what to do with my life.”

And basically it boils down to the fact that making a decision (such as studying premed) does narrow down our choices, but that NOT making a choice (no studying premed) also narrows choices.

So study broadly and without fear and then go make cool stuff with people you like. In today’s world, the question isn’t “what should I be”, it’s “what’s my first career” and then “what’s my second career” and then “what’s my kicking hobby I do on the side”.

John Green mentioned William Carlos Williams who was both a doctor and a poet. Of course I would also add Isaac Asimov who was a Professor of Biochemistry and a grandfather of american science fiction….

But basically, what the frustrating and freeing thing is; we make these decisions all the time, every year, every week that we decide where to go and what to do there.

It’s frustrating because we have to make that decision over and over, and its freeing because nothing stops us from quitting our job and going freelance but ourselves.