One of the ways I procrastinate…er….prepare for writing is by finding songs for a dedicated song list for writing certain projects.

I discovered French singer Cecile Corbel’s La Fille Damnee when I was writing the first Tiger Lily book, and now, I’ve discovered Toronto Celtic singer Heather Dale. She takes all those lovely stories of selkies, Arthur, Merlin, etc, and makes lovely songs out of them.

I especially like Mordred’s Lullaby and added For Guinevere to be part of the second Tiger Lily book’s playlist.

Celtic Music with lyrics that happen to fit emotional themes for my novel=Awesome-sauce

If you’ve never seen the playlist for the first Tiger Lily book, it features Greg Laswell, The Dixie Chicks, Kate Rusby, the Yoshida Brothers, and Natsukawa Rimi, among others.

Also, if you like Celtic or American Roots music, definitely check out Author/Artist/Poet Terri Windling’s blog, The Drawing Board as she recommends awesome music (with videos) in those areas every Monday.