I haven’t posted in a while…and it’s because I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in my right breast.

Nothing really seemed worthwhile posting about when cancer was hanging out in the back of my mind. I mean, it’s kind of silly to be all like “oooo I wrote 100 words” or “isn’t this a lovely song” when what I really want to say is “oh my god I have cancer this sucks.”

So yeah, nothing.

But then a High School Friend pointed me towards Tig Notaro’s stand up set at Largo about her own breast cancer diagnosis (which fortunately coincided with the “good” week of my chemo cycle) and I found these little bits of stories I’ve been telling people randomly suddenly wanted to come out and be written.

So I will.

The first one is about Chemo and Pospicles.

One of my favorite parts of chemo? How in the chemo center where the nurses are gloved up against the horrible, terrible poison they’re about to literally shove into your veins (adriamycin) with a syringe and the Breast Cancer Survivor volunteer-mentor lady comes in and is all like “Oh, you’re getting the Red Devil, that’s good.”
And when the other nurse brings me a styrofoam cup, the lady’s like “Oooh, and you get a popsicle, too. That’s lovely” (because you have to literally freeze the blood vessels in your mouth when they give you the Red Devil with a popsicle in order to keep from getting sores).

Because yeah, getting the popsicle TOTALLY makes up for breast cancer and chemo.