So I’m done with Chemo, and it was strangely anti-climactic to still have tingly toes and fingers, aches and pains and fatigue when everyone is so happy and high-fiving me with joy over the “end” of my chemo journey. Yeah, I’m ready to be done with Chemo, but it’s apparently not quite done with me.

Yeah, the hair won’t come back for a few months (keep your fingers crossed for nose hairs to come back quickly, I’m tired of being embarrassed by ninja nose drips) and I am jonesing for a nap most days, so not so joyful yet.

So I’m doing the best thing possible to keep me focused on health: reading breast cancer memoirs (yeah, yeah, I know I shouldn’t be doing too much of that, but there’s a sick, unresistible fascination with reading intimate details of other people’s chemo isses).

Anyway, I had my radiation “simulation” today where you go in and they make you hold still in a CT scan while they put stickers, markers, and finally tiny tattoos on your body to help them focus those good, old rays ‘o death when the radiation starts in September.

Okay, out of the pity party and back to making asparagus for today’s dinner. I’ll leave you with the author/songwriter’s ode to finishing chemo of the memoir I just finished: I’m Still Here by Laura Roppe