The main character of Dream Eater, Koi Pierce, lives in Portland, Oregon. And she has a serious addiction to good chocolate as well as frou-frou coffee.

So here’s an intro to some of the chocolate mentioned in the book. First of all, a company that started in Oregon (fittingly enough): Dagoba.

Check out their Xocolatl bar and you will fall in love. Maybe like me you grew up thinking chocolate was the somewhat waxy, bland stuff made by Hersheys. So okay, Hershey’s has bought Dagoba, but they’re still making Dagoba chocolate better than the iconic bar. Quite a flavor tickle in your mouth:

74% Cacao
Cacao nibs, chilies and rich dark chocolate recreate the Aztecs’ enchanting elixir. Savor the spices of life.

You should go get some. Like at your local drug store or higher-end grocery store. Really, you owe it to yourself.