I just wrote on my bucket list “help design food truck and drive it around town” and then crossed it off. I’ve been working with the Open Table Food Ministry of Rochester, MN for the past year distributing free burritos from folding tables and a tent. Not fun in the winter (okay we moved indoors during the worst of it, but lost lots of our clients, especially the kids).

For the past year, our amazing Pastors and congregations (Zumbro Lutheran Church and People of Hope Lutheran Church) have raised money to get us a food truck. Not only so we could not freeze our tootsies off in winter, but also so we could

a) distribute in multiple places in one night

b) cook from raw in a licensed kitchen.

Our dream is becoming real. Pastor Lisa and Jan drove the truck home from Chameleon Concessions in Minneapolis last Friday, with me trailing behind them. Now we have a kitchen and a truck. We just have to figure out how to use everything without blowing ourselves up!