Not Chloe Bennett from Agents of Shield.

Kina Grannis. Totally Kina Grannis (with long hair). I’m not sure why I spaced on her. She’s perfect.

I am fairly overly-obsessed with tracking biracial Japanese-U.S. people in the media. If you haven’t discovered her music (covers and originals) or seen her in Wong Fu Productions or sometimes palling around with the likes of yourself a favor and listen to some of her stuff on Youtube. Like her original “Dear River” or “The One You Say Goodnight to” or her covers like “The Scientist” with Lindsey Stirling and Tyler Ward.

So Koi is nowhere near as beautiful or talented singing-wise in Dream Eater. But I think Kina has the same kind of “look” where you’re not actually sure she’s Japanese. I guess that’s kind of like my own children. They’ve been getting more and more “white” the longer we live in Minnesota……