Hail the Laughing Buddha, patron saint of restauranteurs…..
There’s an acquaintance of mine here in Minnesota who is opening a restaurant. And she’s got a fairly developed, lovely slightly-goth style about her as well as above and beyond the usual social graces. She just invited me to her birthday party.

And I’m terrrrrrrrrible at birthdays. I mean, unFriend me from Facebook terrible.

My mind pretty much as two tracks– whatever music happens to be my current obsession (Right now it’s Lin-Manuel Miranda’s 2014 musical “21 Chump Street” opening song “What the Heck I gotta do to be with you.“)  and chocolate/coffee.

I can’t give her the song, so I thought I’d fall back on my tried-and-true gift, artisanal chocolate.

I just ordered this little guy (he’s made of “ethical, fair-trade, slavery-free chocolate” from Alma Chocolates in Portland, Oregon–where Dream Eater takes place–as a birthday gift for an acquaintance who is opening a restaurant here in Minnesota.) He’s so cute. The gold foil is a little flaky, but he still looks delicious. I think Minnesota needs more artisanal chocolate. I would have loved to support local chocolate peeps. Hopefully she’ll like him.