This time there will be paper copies. I really like the feeling of the cover Najla Qamber created for me. Pretty, pretty.

I’m doing a “soft” release of The Straw Doll Cries at Midnight to get some reviews in place before more broadly promoting.

If you might be willing to leave a review someplace like Goodreads or Amazon, shoot me a message/email and I’ll send you an instafreebie link 🙂

Lily has followed her beloved lordling, Ashikaga Yoshinori, into the intrigue of the Emperor’s court in Kyoto, but she can’t escape her secret connection to outlawed Jindo gods. A cursed spirit haunts them at night, and Ashikaga’s drunken sod of a brother is no help investigating the spirit or Lady Ashikaga’s mysterious death. Their old enemy, the fox general Norinaga, may be the only one who can help banish the spirit As they search for answers about Lady Ashikaga’s death, will Tiger Lily’s lordling risk exposing their deepest secrets to the Emperor for a dying father’s love?