Can I interrupt this regularly scheduled update on Dream Eater blurbs to do a Mercy Thompson fangirl squeeee?  World Weaver Press informed me that Patricia Briggs’ agent accepted a copy of Dream Eater that possibly, she might, maybe read. (cue squeeeeeing). So even if she never reads it, my book is physically somewhere in Patricia Brigg’s physical vicinity!!!!

Anyway, I’m sending out requests to authors with whom I have a connection or tenuous connection to request they review/blurb Dream Eater. Awkward, let me tell you. But most authors are fairly nice and reasonable people.  What’s even nicer are people with whom I have no connection whatsoever who say nice things about my book. (kind of unbelievable to me.) World Weaver Press just forwarded me the first one:

“Dream Eater is my kind of urban fantasy, fast, engaging, and diverse. Myths from several different cultures come into play, each one distinctly and lovingly drawn. The tensions between them are as real and as fractious as what we face in the real world. A timely book that happens to be a rollicking read. Dream Eater has it all: mythological and social diversity, strong characters, and a tender romance. I can’t wait for the next one.” Keith Yatsuhashi, author of Kojiki and Kokoro


(Ankeny square in the photo above. Portland architecture is so cool. This is the scene of the ultimate confrontation in Dream Eater)