I use playlists as a “shortcut” for getting in the mood for writing. It instantly evokes a whole bunch of angsty emotions I associate with certain characters, or certain relationships within the story. I’m writing Dream Eater’s sequel, titled Black Pearl Dreaming, wherein Ken, Koi & Kwaskwi head over to Japan. Lots of great potential for angst in this one. Here’s some of the music I’ve got going on:

Wanna know what Koi looks like inside my brain when I’m writing Portland Hafu books? Kina Grannis. That’s what she looks and sounds like–only with longer hair. Here are two videos that put me in the “Koi Pierce” mood:  Kina Grannis and Marie Diby — The Keeper  and David Choi– By My Side.

And now for tension (and the resolving of tension) between Ken and Koi, my erstwhile main couple: Local Rochester blues goddess Annie Mack– Unchain my Heart,  Amos Lee – Black River (feat. Priscilla Ahn), Penn Masala – Fix You/Ishq Bina and  Edie Brickell & Steve Martin –Always Will

And for Kwaskwi…and a possible love interest on his horizon: Andrew Bird (ft Fiona Apple) — Left Handed Kisses