Lo these many moons ago, I had just moved from Tokyo to Portland, Oregon. And also joined an online neo-pro writing group called Codex.

A bunch of kind-hearted, very patient authors there answered annoying questions by noobs like me about a wide variety of topics. Mary Robinette Kowal has always been one of the most patient ones.

And when her Glamourist series was published (think Jane Austen with a bit of magic, I mean, throw in a latte and you’re basically set for an afternoon) I lapped it up like an eager puppy.

I am thrilled/grateful/happy to say that she is still the gracious author I knew back then. She features authors with new releases on her blog. It’s called “My Favorite Bit” and I have a post there about Dream Eater now.

Wherein I explain why I hunger for Baku 🙂


In high school I discovered Joseph Campbell and delved into those tales. Stories which evoked the psychic unity of mankind as manifested in the Hero’s Journey or Creation Myths.

For a while, that satisfied my hunger.

But I was hungry again by college—just when I had to choose a language to study to meet graduation requirements—and met a boy. A very, very cute boy who was also a Japanese Studies major. So I started to study Japanese language, history, and psychology. It began to dawn on me that Joseph Campbell, while certainly including myths from Asian countries in his writing, was as bound by the same white, Euro-centric cultural upbringing in the interpretation and focus on myths as I was.