I’m kicking myself right now. I went to over a dozen convenience stores during our spring break trip to Tokyo and NEVER GOT MEIJI’s NEW BEAN-To-BAR chocolate. I even took a picture of the darn things like on my very first day…but for some reason, the packaging never appealed to me. So I didn’t buy it.

Thus the kicking of myself.

Anyway, now I’ve learned more about it.  Now I am seriously going back to Japan next year and getting myself some “comfort bitter” (70% cacao) because that is the most excellent phrase to describe chocolate– comfort bitter. And in the Dream Eater sequel I’m writing right now, just as soon as Koi finishes rescuing a dragon called The Black Pearl, she is going to get some comfort bitter. Definitely.

From the Meiji Chocolate website:

Welcome to the world of “meiji THE Chocolate”

The world in which taste sensations are born “Bean to Bar” — a process by which cocoa beans are carefully selected in order to create the perfect bar of chocolate. Each bar reflects and elegant luster, emits a sweet fragrance, and melts heavenly in your mouth

Does that sound awesome? I want an elegant luster on my chocolate bar!