Silence Fallen
Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There are few authors who can pull off Urban Fantasy series past three or four books and still develop/hone their characters, keep me interested in the love relationship, and introduce new monsters without escalating their characters’ powers into unbelievability. Briggs is one of those rare authors.

Mercy gets abducted– and at first I was like, been there, done that. But no…actually. This is new. This is Mercy getting abducted by powerful beings from far across the Atlantic Ocean who force Mercy to face her most basic beliefs about what makes a being worthy of respect and how she is willing to use her power over the dead. And also the basic, twin natures of chaos and mercy that form her character.

And there’s Prague! I love Prague.

And Briggs used a writing convention I usually am not fond of, and she made me love it, darn her. We get alternating Mercedes/Adam POV here, which was AWESOME and also Briggs puts a little title-thought from Mercedes at the start of each chapter basically telling you where and when the chapter is because, get this, she also time-jumps back and forth between Adam and Mercedes and what’s happening.

I know, right? Headache. But it’s not! It totally works.

And, there’s a reveal at the end that is so delicious, so startling, and yet so very obvious when thinking back to what that character did, that it was like a surprise party for all of us fans.

I keep telling myself that I want the Mercy Thompson series to end because I love Stefan, Mercy, Adam, etc. and I can’t help worrying Briggs will write a novel that will let me down. But she hasn’t so far, and you should definitely read this one.

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