The Hunter
The Hunter by Jessica Gunn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a prequel story, and I am glad the first book is out already because it ends with the biggest cliffhanger very unresolved. (arrgh)

As a prequel, this story does everything its supposed to: it sets up our modern-times-with-demons world, it introduces a bunch of characters, and then it makes you care by having a terrible, unimaginable thing happen to the likable, quarter-back hero who makes mistakes and ignores his girlfriend but basically has a good heart.

On the other hand, there was a lot of fast forwarding. I understand why months have to go by: there’s a lot to pack into this story. But I was a bit bemused when something momentous (I have powers! I flubbed the big game! My girlfriend may or may not take me back after I was an insensitive jerkface!) happened for the third time and it was skipped over.

Ah well, I’m pretty sure that won’t happen in the first book of the series and I suppose one should be a bit forgiving of prequels. Off now to go read “The Hunted” which is the first book and it looks like, from the summary, will resolve aforementioned cliffhanger.

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