An Extraordinary Union
An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There are a few historical romance authors out there who manage to weave in educational historical details into their time period– giving the unwitting reader a history lesson at the same time as making us fall in love with a couple.

Alyssa Cole is one of those magical authors. The first thing I read by her was Radio Silence– a near future multicultural romance set after an apocalyptic event– and was hooked by the emotional realness of her characters

The Loyal League series seems to be romance catnip for me. First of all, it’s set in Civil War era times right here in America, completely satisfying my jaded-by-England desires for historical romance of other periods and times. Secondly, it involves a biracial romance in a believable way that acknowledges the subjugations of other groups of people, deals with the icky power-imbalance between white and black within the relationship, and gives agency to both hero and heroine.

But you know what? Even without all that I’d still be putting Alyssa Cole on my insta-buy list along with Courtney Milan and Joanna Bourne. And that’s because she writes the physical aspects of the romance so, so, well. Not just sexy, but emotionally-charged and meaningful.

And yes, I like the biracial aspects of her couples as well as how her stories acknowledge racial tension, but really I just fall in love with her main couples each time.

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