Gah…I am so close I can taste it, but my brain refuses to go forward more than about 200 words a day.  This happens to me every single novel. I wonder if its because I’m somewhat pantsy (pantser= someone who does not outline) that the end is extremely taxing mentally as my brain is trying to tie up loose ends and have developments that make sense plot-wise.

I also am trying a bit harder than usual to have like…themes. Not just plot, but like, you know, character development. In Black Pearl Dreaming (Dream Eater 2) I’m trying to show a bit about Koi’s self-identity process…going from “I’m biracial japanese but act white” to “no, I’m going to seek out my japanese self” to hopefully “actually I’m a combination of both in my own unique way”

We’ll see what happens, because of course, it isn’t as simple as Japanese/Caucasian because she’s Baku. It’s more like “baku-Japanese” vs “Caucasian/USian”.

And meanwhile I’m recovering from over-vacationing, so I’ve had to shanghai a friend into helping me write 300 words a day. So I better go get that done for today because it’s almost 8:00pm and I’m going to get a mean GIF unless I finish that writing……