White Hot (Hidden Legacy #2)

Ilona Andrews has this magical synergy built of romantic attraction between a lippy, not-as-physically-powerful-but-still-kickbutt heroine and a hero who is big, golden, and emotionally challenged, and utterly in love with the heroine– and super-slick action with fanboy details on cars, guns, and attack armor.

It’s a golden mix. It means the romantic in me can’t wait to turn the page and the Urban Fantasy lover in me rubs her hands gleefully over the city/gun details.

The Hidden Legacy follows the Kate Daniels golden recipe fairly closely: heroine seemingly weak with big secrets teams up with a hunky, stoic powerhouse to solve a mystery. And despite the world being slightly different than the kate daniels’ world, it feels like coming home– but not at all boring. Nevada and Mad Rogan are smoking hot. And snarky. And Nevada is determined to keep him at arm’s length despite the developments in book one. (Didn’t read book one? Go do that. Really. You don’t have to to enjoy this book ,but why would you NOT want to enjoy the slow dance Mad Rogan and Nevada are doing?)

In this book, Nevada and Rogan haven’t seen each other for a while. Nevada’s miffed at him, but determined to keep the Baylor Investigations going. Meanwhile, the dude holding her business’ mortgage asks her to take a case– which turns out to be the murder of an animal mages’ beloved wife.

Of course Mad Rogan is involved. Sparks and hijinks ensue. Pretty much its the trademark Ilona Andrews non-stop action interspersed with snarky side characters and the flirtation of the main couple. Only by “flirtation” I mean Nevada deciding to bait the darkness that lives inside of Mad Rogan and he trying to push her away for her own good as she comes into her power and has to take on more and more of politics as a result.

On top of a double scoop Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy ice scream cone of romantic and action goodness are some pointed, timely political messages.

One, about the consequences of war on veterans, and how they are a danger to themselves more than others (suicide statistics) and also this:
“In a country ruled by a civil majority even the smallest minority enjoys greater protection than a majority living in a country where power is hoarded by a select few.”

And there are ninja ferret antics. That’s right, cute ferrets save the day. Run, don’t walk and get the first book in this series (Burn for Me) if you haven’t read it yet. White Hot was a looooooong time coming, but it was worth it. Andrews unloads serious danger on our main couple just at the end of the book, so the third one better not take as long to come out!