Haunted Hospitals: Eerie Tales About Hospitals, Sanatoriums, and Other Institutions

I have never actually been a believer in ghosts and hauntings (although I would never agree to stay in any of the places depicted in this book at night) but the sheer volume of hospitals and sanatoriums listed in this book, a catalogue of the grisly and macabre and chilling, leave me questioning.

This book takes mostly North American “hospitals”– sanatoriums, hospitals, poor farms, and asylums — and gives you a brief run-down of the history of each as well as the most famous ghosts and hauntings. Many of the hauntings are preceded by references to some of the therapies that the authors speculate might create traumatized spirits such as thoracoplasty (yikes!), lobotamies, and shock therapy.

I think the most interesting one for me was actually the stories of the island off of Venice in the short section on haunted hosptials around the world where plague victims were burned. It almost made me want to go there…almost.

There’s a slightly odd tangent on sleep deprivation in modern hospitals perhaps creating walking zombies out of the medical professionals near the end, and the book rounds itself out with a shorter catalogue of some famous prison hauntings mostly in North American and the British Isles.

Definitely worth a read for even those of us who are skeptics, and for those who are more open to belief, it certainly gives you a bunch of road trip destinations to check out!