Work in Progress: Black Pearl Dreaming (Dream Eater 2) is done with its first edit pass! Now to send it off to a beta reader. From there it shall wend its way to my lovely editor at World Weaver Press. Here’s a snippet from the beginning where the gang is enroute to Tokyo to whet your whistle:

“We’ll be off the plane soon,” said Ken in English.
“It’s not the plane,” said Dad. “We’re too close. I thought I could handle it, but I was fooling myself. Resisting made me weaker, not stronger.”
“Close to what?”
“I didn’t want this for you, Koi,” said Dad. He was lucid, not seizing, but underneath the closed eyelids his eyes were swimming frantically. The vague unease I’d felt as we got closer and closer to Japan joined my overall ill feeling. The plane touched down with a jerk. All around us passengers rustled, stretched, and began rooting around for belongings.
“It’s okay,” I said. “I’ll be okay. We’ll get you off the plane and then you’ll be okay.” Even as I spoke the words, it was clear they were meaningless sounds. Everything wasn’t okay. We were very far from okay. And far from home. I’d thought letting Ken take us back to Japan to meet the Council was our only hope for Dad to fight this dementia. And for me to figure out how to control this dream eating business. But a small part of me worried it was only going to make things worse.
“Do it, Kitsune. It’s the only way I’ll survive Tokyo,” said Dad.
“Are you sure?”
“Do it!” The people in front of us paused in their sleepy conversation.
“What are you doing?”
Ken ignored my agitated whisper. The slim syringe he’d taken from a zipped, black toiletry bag was filled with light-green liquid.
I gasped. “How did you even get that past security? Don’t even think about injecting that into—“
Ken plunged the syringe into the juncture of Dad’s neck and shoulder.
“God damn it!”
Dad opened his eyes and cupped my cheek, thumb gently smoothing back a stray lock of hair. Dad was touching me. Voluntarily. I reeled from shock, or altitude drop or whatever. I almost missed his whisper in Japanese. “Listen to Kawano-sama, not Tojo. But don’t let them trick you. Don’t touch the Black Pearl.”