It’s really no surprise, is it? Just a conclusion I didn’t really want to hear. I’ve been pretty good about changing other parts of my diet for cancer prevention: eating more cruciferous veggies, breakfasting on berries, cutting alcohol consumption down to 2-4 drinks per week, cutting out beef, sticking to no hormones-added milk, etc.

The one place I’m a complete  and total failure? Processed sugar consumption. I love chocolate, cookies and pie.

But I’ve suspected this is my worst area because of all the peripheral stuff pointing towards how processed sugar “feeds” cancer. Like how metformin cuts down on breast cancer risk.  And how general obesity interacts with breast cancer morbidity and risk. And how those heart-healthy diets with fiber and veggies and fish also translate to lower risk for cancer.

According to this Icelandic study, red meat, sugar, and milk are the things to avoid.

I can give up the steak, but excuse me while I go eat my breakfast of banana-chocolate-chip bread and latte.