Seriously Hexed (Seriously Wicked #3)

by Tina Connolly

This series just Seriously kept getting better. Let me just preface this review with the fact that this is younger YA, but the richness of the issues Connolly tackles (ethical treatment of animals for human purposes, handling old friends when new friends dovetail with your interests more, standing up for what is right when you are powerless) as well as the greater sensitivity to the fact that these issues are impacting our world right now as we speak in the USA, means that even adults will get more than a laugh out of this.

And you will laugh, because darnnit, Poppy, Jenah and her Kit Kat girls, and Cam are funny, and Connolly’s wry sense of humor is apparent throughout the book. Like when Poppy’s “identify that spell” app on her phone mangles voice recognition of “bomb spell” into “ye old auntie mame spell” or the way Cam indentifies three of the witches in her mom’s coven as “trio of canadians” and then proceeds to call one “boring skirt”.

And you might even be inspired, by passages like this one:

“Because the thing is, at some point you’ve got to do something about what you believe in. You’ve got to stand up for truth, and justice, and all that stuff…And what is right might be hard to figure out, and it may not be black and white, and it might not be easy to do. You have to pick up and muddle through, and you’ll make mistakes….Because the reverse is even a bigger mistake. Failure to act is a mistake. Letting the world go to hell in a handbasket is a mistake.”

I don’t know about you but I want my children to be reading books like this; that have main characters who make mistakes. Who learn from those mistakes and try to do better. Cam messes up her relationship with her best friend, and then tries to do better. She messes up rescuing her mother from a hex, and then tries to do better.

But most of all, I think in today’s U.S., under the current administration, I think its more important than ever to help youth (and adults!) realize that even small voices count, and this book, while tickling your funny bone, does a bang up job of that.

Seriously, go get this series for any girl in your life between the ages of eight to eighteen. (although you may enjoy it too)

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