Dark City (The Order of Shadows #1)

by Kit Hallows

It’s not often I enjoy a book so much that contains so little memorable plot.

But from the very first page, the writing sucks you in. This is sentence-level descriptive creepiness that doesn’t slow down the frenetic pace of Morgan Rook, odd-job boy for the mysterious magical Organization, going around town bashing different night creatures after an old friend is murdered by a mysterious assassin.

That’s the plot in a nutshell: Morgan goes here, gets punched, uses crystals and sword/gun to take down evil creatures, gets a hint about a greater conspiracy amongst the bad demons/devils, etc. Then he gets a hint about his past before he woke up, aged 10 in an abandoned asylum in the hills, and then he goes and bashes something else.

And usually stuff like a flimsy plot, pulling out a gun to shoot an undead assassin AFTER he’s dodged your sword and killed your friend, and not a lot of thinking on the part of the POV character makes me bored or irritated. (There’s also like no romance, so you know, that kind of makes me sad)

But that stuff never bother me in this book. And you know why? See aforementioned sentence level writing comment. This is just fun to read. And the imagery is cinematic (who wouldn’t want to read a book where the main character goes into an abandoned asylum and goes into a room where wax candles mounded, dripping on a wheelchair provides the only light? I mean, come on)

So I’ll most likely pick up the next in the series. There’s enough hints in this first book that Morgan Rook is much more complicated and powerful than we think at first, and also there’s that cinematic writing.