Big Bad Becker (The Outlier Prophecies #1.5)

It’s pretty difficult for me to award more than 4 starts to a Novella that basically acts as an interim story between two actual books in the series. A Novella that doesn’t resolve anything, a novella that basically just stops at the end…..and yet I’m giving this one 4.5?

I’ve pretty much only given interim short stories/novellas by like Ilona Andrews and Patricia Briggs that high a score before.

I don’t know, maybe I’m in a good mood? Maybe it’s because this Novella picks up at the end of the first Outlier Prophecy Novel where main character Actuary Kate and her main foil, policeman Ian Becker have solved a case that simultaneously uncovered a deeper darker possibility and also entered into an untraditional relationship.

I don’t really recommend reading this Novella as an intro to the series, there’s too much backstory making Becker and Kate’s relationship issues delicious. But I totally suggest reading it if you’ve at least read the first in the series.

While the first book is mostly Kate’s POV, this is mostly Becker’s POV and there’s alot of longing from afar, and dealing with the issues of Becker’s attachments to Kate getting all mixed up with his werewolf Pack longings, etc. There’s a lot of sleeping together…but mostly when Kate is actually sleeping or sleepy. Fear not, shippers, this Novella doesn’t introduce anything too drastic before you get to book two.

And while the criminal investigation isn’t that titillating, the question of how Becker will control himself, if Kate’s cousin witchy Ali or Becker’s partner Hank will upset their carefully balanced tightrope act, etc. etc. So shippers will love this, people more focused on plot maybe not so much. And as I mentioned, it stops abruptly, but I’ve already got the second book so I’m ready to plunge on ahead.