Conditional Probability of Attraction (The Outlier Prophecies #2)

4.5 stars, actually.
In this second book of the Outlier Prophecies we get all the stuff I liked from the first book in a somewhat more tightened fashion. 😉 Good stuff.

Becker, oh Becker, whyfore art thou like such a mass of shifter tropes and yet compelling as a character anyway? Becker and Kate in this book have to hide their relationship even while it heats us considerably. Becker needs kate to stay calm, and more and more Kate is finding herself needing Becker to just fall asleep. Both of them can’t really believe the other one really wants them, of course, so it’s left to sidekicks Ali (Kate’s baker witch cousin of the muffins) and Hank (Becker’s cop partner) to constantly hint both at the depth of the werewolf pack bond as well as the feelz they are having for each other.

Oh yes and there’s some new menace after Kate, so Becker has to get growly and over protective, and there’s a case for Kate involving a Fate-fueled love match company that has been matching clients with people who are dead or soon to be dead. Some of the actuarial prophecy stuff and the political manuevering the different companies in Kate’s case do gets confusing for me (and thus the minus .5 star) but it’s still fun.

And yep, there was just enough of some Kate/Becker kissing stuff (convenienty glossed over) at the end to hook me into having to read the next book, too!