“During the periods of dormancy, which could last several years, the patient will often have no symptoms and the tumour will be undetectable using the usual diagnostic tools.”

Don’t get me started on the lack of reliable, reasonably priced tests for cancer that don’t add radiation to your system……but after your first round of cancer treatment you realize “ah….that’s it? you’re not going to do a full Star Trek Body Scan every week in case it comes back?”

There’s a terrible realization you have to learn to live with that no they’re not. Current medicine requires us to wait until the tumour has progressed enough for symptoms (or mammograms) can help us discover it.


“A number of new studies show that dormant cells might have weak spots. For example, experiments have shown that some nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs could stop dormant cancer cells that generate metastasis from “waking up”.

So yeah baby aspirin. The great thing is that it protects against a variety of cancers 🙂