The Last Wolf (The Legend of All Wolves #1)

by  Maria Vale

I just stayed up all night reading this book because I couldn’t put it down. I fell hard for the two main characters Tiberius and Silver, and the way their relationship develops as seen through Silver’s solid, practical grounding in the sometimes brutal nature of the Pack she lives in.

Silver lives in the Great Northern Pack in Canada, a secluded society of wolves who have lived there for hundreds of years. She’s just emerging from juvenile status and is at risk of being kicked out of the pack when she comes across a man wounded in her forest. That man, Tiberius, will either be her savior or her downfall.

This is not your ordinary shifter romance novel. Oh there’s shifting, and there’s romance, but this is more like Rhiannon Held’s Silver in more ways than just the main character’s name. Vale’s Silver is also crippled, lowest of her pack, but she also holds a vast love for her Pack, the land, and the experience of being wolf. The two books also share a focus on pack politics (Held’s Silver focuses on national pack politics and intrigue in the U.S. while Vale’s is mostly centered on one pack in Canada).

Don’t let the prologue fool you. The author in her bio says she has a habit of trying to insert Beowulf language into her stories, and since the prologue is set in the past, at first I wasn’t getting into the story. Just as soon as we hit Silver’s POV though, I got swept up in her and Tiberius’ struggle to be accepted into the Pack despite her crippled status and him being a half-Shifter (who typically prey on wolves).

We are immersed in Silver’s POV here. There isn’t alot of angsting around. She does what needs to get done and she accepts the consequences. But it’s the way Vale manages to portray her fierce heart, both for the Pack and for Tiberius while not flinching away from the uncomfortable implications of what it means to be low on the Pack totem pole.

I finished the book at 1:00am and then went and ordered the next one. It doesn’t feature Silver and Tiberius, I am sad to say, but Vale is now on my insta-buy list.