What if your daughter’s only chance to beat brain cancer meant losing her forever?

Yoshika Mertz’s teenage daughter is out of control and changing before her very eyes. But she finds out it isn’t just normal hormones at work—Aria has a brain tumor. Despite a supernatural warning, Yoshika chooses an experimental immunotherapy to save her daughter. But will the cure itself change her daughter so much that she will lose her forever?

I am very excited, and a little bit anxious truthfully, to announce the exclusive 99 cent pre-order for my paranormal thriller novella, The Metamorphosis of Aria Mertz.

Why am I anxious? Funny you should ask.

I wrote this novella in one month drawing on details from my actual personal life on the windswept Minnesota Prairie (Rochester, MN wherein world famous Mayo Clinic can be found.) So yeah…like almost all the characters’ names I stole from real life friends, the locations are all real (including the spooky Plummer House and Carillon Tower) and various minor details I snagged from my daughters’ actual school lives.

So….really hope you like it!

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