Gallowglass (Gallowglass #1)

by Jennifer Allis Provost

I’ve never read a PRN romance like this with such a gleeful appreciation of geology before. The main character, Karina, is in Scotland on a research grant with her lovelorn brother looking at the kinds of rock that ley lines run through.

Which was all kinds of nerdy-scientist cool. Also cool were the gruesome different kinds of gaelic fae Rina ends up seeing after she inadvertently rescues hunky Reverend Robert Kirk from his fairy prison.

Most of the book Rina and Robert end up touring around local historical sites, dodging yucky fae, and almost-kissing a bunch of times. I thought this was a sweet romance up until they actually do start kissing.

Karina’s brother also gets mixed up in the plot as the Seelie Queen, Nicneven, reacts to Robert getting free. There is an iconic scene, which I thought well done, of Karina having to save Robert a la Tam Lin/Thomas the Rhymer by holding on to him through various transformations forced on him by Nicneven.

This was fun, but not quite the steam level that is my personal taste. They also spend a little too much time just touring. Once they start to engage with the fae creatures, it was much more fun.