Heroine Complex (Heroine Complex #1)

by Sarah Kuhn

Oh torn, so torn. I probably should say its more like a 4.5 star book……if you’re okay with flippant, snarky, over-the-top goofiness combined with a bit of steamy romance sprinkled with pop culture references.

But its firmly tongue in cheek. I mean, we are introduced to Aveda Jupiter and her assistant Evie as they battle demon cupcakes.

Yep, you read that right. A demon portal opened into our world in a cupcake shop and the demons who came through imprinted on cupcakes. So yeah, if that style of humor and comic book like action doesn’t appeal to you, this book is probably not for you.

I picked it up because hey…..hapa heroines (both chinese and japanese) so how could I resist? And the book is very fun. There’s a blogger villain, some karaoke, a swoony nerdy romance with a scientist, and Evie slowly coming into herself without fear she’ll break people. And there’s lots of satisfying hapa details like Evie and Aveda being bullied because of bringing soup dumplings to school.

There’s just a bit crazy weirdness with the whole premise of demon portals and magic that got fuzzy for me especially after the first denouement with the obvious big baddie.

I just wish I could recommend it to my 14 year old daughter….but Evie’s romance actually does NOT fade to black. So while I enjoyed it, the thought of daughter2 reading it would make me squirm no matter how much I could expose her to positive hapa role models in media. I’ll definitely be going on to the next book in series, though. Tons of fun.