It’s not…..quite…….cover reveal day yet so I can only show a portion of the cover. (You don’t get to see the beautiful stars).

Finally, finally, the story of Koi, Ken, and Kwaskwi heading to the wilds of Northern Japan to help the mysterious Black Pearl will be coming out this October! Actually the pre-order is already up.

You probably know this already if you follow me on Facebook or this blog….but the best part of being an author is taking real-life kooky or crazy things and putting them in a novel. One of the kookiest things I ever heard was from my husband, Tokyo Boy’s, uncle about 20 years ago when I first met him. Herai-san just casually dropped into dinner conversation that he was from the town “where Jesus was buried.”

Cue slow blinking of disbelief. (you just can’t make this stuff up)

So of course i had to research it. And so of course Herai-san’s hometown (actually Shingo-mura in real life but I call it Herai-mura after him) is the main locale for Koi, Kwaskwi, and Ken’s adventures tangling with Japanese Kind politics and Koi’s father’s tragic past as an officer in Japan’s invading army during World War II.

Check out what an author friend of mine just wrote to me after finishing it: “I finished Black Pearl Dreaming and really enjoyed it. I actually ended up having to look up the Jesus Shrine (and some other stuff). I’d never heard of it and I assumed it was real–but I had to be sure 🙂 I loved all the normal things about Koi and everyone else, but I really enjoyed the historical aspects of this novel as well as the mythological ones.

Very excited for people to read it! It’s a full price pre-order right now, but there’s likely to be a sale at some point in September or October. Follow me on facebook or sign up for my newsletter so you won’t miss it!