Supernatural Slayer: An Urban Fantasy Novel (Supernatural Slayer #1)

by Devyn Jayse

3.5 stars, actually.

Aisha, the titular supernatural slayer in this book just never grew on me. The world she lives in, with secret vampires, fae, witches, and shifters seems well-developed and fun. There’s even gargoyle informants and a supernatural FBI. Her romantic foil, Rafael the Fae, while having nothing about him that seems supernatural other than pointy ears and a mysterious family, was refreshingly game-free in his pursuit of Aisha. I think that’s the thing I enjoyed most about the book, actually, was the honesty and asking questions rather than assume the worst that the two brought to their relationship.

Aisha is an assassin. She takes on gigs to kill supernatural beings. She’s very, very good at her job. Despite only being a half-witch, she is weirdly strong, fast, and good. (Okay so she does martial arts training every morning, but still). So good that she has gotten the attention of the leader of the shifters, and also the supernatural FBI. They force Aisha into tracking down a vampire from her past who wants to expose the whole supernatural community to humans.

I think my main problem is that I found Aisha to be a bit uneven. I never quite bought her amazing martial arts skills, nor why, at one point, she would just let herself be beat up, and on the other hand how she could be so callous about like everyone else’s (except for her roomate) life? I think I failed to tap into her main emotional self and for a reader like me, that’s where you’ll hook me (or fail to hook me).

There’s a lot of cool bits of this world on display, including a program where shifters initiate human children into viewing the supernatural world. And Aisha’s half demon, half angel roomate didn’t get nearly enough screen time. So I’m pretty sure UF fans will like this one, it just wasn’t for me.