The Black Queen (The King’s Daughter #3)

4.5 stars, actually. (this is book three in a series, and would probably be confusing without reading the first two)

No matter what star rating I give this series, I am pretty thoroughly hooked on The King’s Daughter, Ellis, and her quiet way of thinking things through, even matters of the heart as she must in this book.

I’m also hooked on Carmeyon Dantreon, the Captain from Ellis’s Military school who in this book must make choices about how he wants to protect her. Ellis’ mother, who abandoned her many years ago, is back to have an audience with the King, and with her is Ellis’s precocious younger brother.

Also in town is Anton Marisi, the man Ellis’ Seer friends have said they visioned her marrying– putting into effect disastrous results for the country.

But it is Llelas who breaks my heart. He’s dealing with Ellis and Carmeyon, and now he’s also dealing with the fact that the Marisi have brought his drug-addled father to haunt him (literally since they are both a kind of Watcher) and also Grandfather, the near immortal being and shape shifter who is there prodding Llelas into action because another shifter threatens the royal family.

I get a tad bit lost sometimes with all the familial half-sisters and brothers, and sometimes the prose is so spare that I have to reread a paragraph here and there to figure out who said it or what they meant by it, but when you love characters as much as I love Llelas and Ellis, it doesn’t actually matter.

I just was hoping for a happily ever after ending and what this book gets is a somewhat happy result coupled with a few heart-rending moments for Llelas and Ellis. But it does somewhat settle the question of what Ellis’ cousin, jerin, will do to steer the fate of the country, as well as who Ellis will end up marrying. Just wish the next book was out!