A Wolf Apart (The Legend of All Wolves #2)

by  Maria Vale

4.5 Stars, actually.

I fell so hard for Quicksilver’s pragmatic bravery and Tiberius’ passionate need to belong in the first book, I couldn’t imagine how the author could sustain how well these two flavors of characters operated in her world of the wild wolves (who speak what seems like the language of Beowulf).

But what it felt to me is that the main character Elijah in this book, who has spent most of his adult life as a lawyer in the world of humans working for the Pack, is used up and jaded. He consumes food, clothing, and women in dispassionate, equal measure. He desperately needs to go home before he loses his soul, but his Alpha needs him to continue his work.

Then he meets a human woman, Thea Villalobos, and for some reason her unpolished, pragmatic, unwillingness to play games touches off a spark in his wild soul. But with the Shifters still after them, Quicksilver in danger, and unrest from the Alpha shake-up, can he be with Thea and protect his pack without losing his soul forever?

Elijah is intense. And he’s not that likeable in the beginning. The seduction of these books is the whole-hearted, intense characterization you get from being entirely in the main characters’ POV. I couldn’t stop reading (this seems like a pattern with me and Legend of All Wolves books) and I blame it solely on the strength of the POV. Elijah is desperate for a passionate connection to his wild self, Thea is pragmatic, brave, and gets stuff done, and is no pushover. It’s almost like Tiberius and Quicksilver all over again, although this time we get to see things from the passionate connection POV, Elijah.

There’s a part in the last third of the book where Elijah is going after a Shifter dude that I got a bit confused. It was so condensed that I just didn’t understand what was happening, but I quickly got back into the flow once Elijah returned to Thea directly after.

Quicksilver and Tiberius get to play a big part in this story as well, although mostly off screen until the end.

I sure hope there’s more!