The Stars Never Rise

(The Stars Never Rise Duology #1)

by Rachel Vincent

Hungering for something to fill the Hunger Games or Divergent void? Check out Vincent’s The Stars Never Rise.
In a Post-apocalyptic world the Church has risen to stave off the threat of demons: soul-creatures from Hell that possess humans bodies, eat their souls, and turn them into crazed zombie like creatures.
Survivors lives behind walls and follow strict church rules. Nina and her sister, Melanie, are trying to survive and escape the church’s attention. If the church finds out about their mother’s drug addled haze, they might take Nina and Melanie and force them to commit to the church already.
But one night, a degenerate somehow makes it over the walls and attacks Nina. What saves her will change her life forever.
So this is a perfectly serviceably executed YA Dystopian with a likeable heroine (Nina) and a great love interest that has conflict without your usual, tired triangle. I can’t tell you what the problem is with Finn without it being a spoiler. Suffice it to say I didn’t see THAT coming and it is an interesting twist enough that i’m tempted to read the second book in this duology.
I’m not a fan of “evil is just pure evil” and I’m a bit jaded about dsytopias where people just blindly follow really cruel arbitrary rules, but the group Nina falls in with is pretty fun, and the conflict with Finn intriguing.
If you like YA dystopia, definitely put this one on your list.